Paraplan Plus rebrands its paraplanning business as ‘The Paraplanners’

Paraplan Plus Limited has completed a twelve-month programme of investment by rebranding its outsourced paraplanning service as ‘The Paraplanners’.

The announcement follows the recruitment of paraplanners Kim Bendall and Kat Mock, and the launch of an administrative support service for advice practices led by Gemma Dennis.

Paraplan Plus founder, Richard Allum, said the rebranding was designed to bring clarity to its portfolio of services following the launch of web-based cashflow forecasting application, Moneyscope, in September 2010.

Richard said: “Both The Paraplanners and Moneyscope services help people make more sense of money – just in different ways. The Paraplanners service allows advice practices to take advantage of plug-in paraplanning services that work side-by-side with their advisers to support their client advice process, whereas Moneyscope provides advisers and their clients with a straightforward way to calculate lifetime cash flow as part of the financial planning process.”

Richard added: “Paraplan Plus is the parent business of both of those services. We decided that – with the investment we’ve made over the past year – now was the time for Paraplan Plus to take a step back and set out what our new brand of paraplanning stands for.”